In the far reaches of the universe, an elite team of space ninja is sent on a covert operation to infiltrate an alien mother ship to defend their home planet from the invading forces. Upon arrival, however, the group was met with heavy resistance and all but one of the valiant warriors were mercilessly slaughtered. Equipped only with an experimental power suit, the sole survivor must carry out the mission to save his race from being exterminated, and escape with his life.

You control the lone ninja warrior on his mission to save his people. His power-suit allows him to build up great amounts of momentum, as well as transfer that momentum into objects he picks up and throws. In addition, the suit builds a shield around you as your speed increases that absorbs damage from alien technology. With the abilities of the suit you must navigate through the levels of the alien ship before lock down.

Our Design PhilosophyEdit

The idea behind this game is to infuse a momentum based game with unique challenges that contrast the popular genre of free-running games. The top-down view and the ability to throw items at speeds comparable to the player adds new action/puzzle gameplay rarely seen in the industry. The player will have to use this ability intelligently to solve puzzles and kill specific enemies.

In our game smart level design will be critical, as the seamless transition between action and puzzle sequences will add balance to the game and to the player’s experience. Specific enemy attributes, level obstacles, and boss fights also add flexibility to the design and a new layer of challenges to the player. Basically, our goal is to deliver the experience of an action game with the sharp thinking of a puzzle game.

Due to the creative freedom of our game our strategy will be to start with a focused set of enemies, obstacles, and puzzles. This core will be developed thoroughly and additions, like new obstacles, will be likely dropped. The primary focus will be to fine-tune the mechanics of the game and to balance the gameplay of the levels designed. Also the core can be reduced if its too much.

Download & Play Edit

Unzip and run setup.exe, after a few seconds the game should be installed and ready to play! (WARNING: this games is hard)

Important Pages Edit

Game Mechanics

Architecture Specification

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Game Levels

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Gameplay Specification

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